Mille Bornes

The classic French auto race card game, Mille Bornes, was created in 1954 by designer Edmond Dujardin and has been nothing short of a sensation among card players ever since. Over the last 60 years it has been estimated that over 10 million copies of Mille Bornes have been sold worldwide and it is one of only 25 games chosen by Games Magazine for their Hall of Fame. Renowned for its highly-recognizable mid-century graphic style, Mille Bornes had retained its classic, and indeed, beloved, look for several decades until Parker Brothers eventually relinquished licensing to Hasbro.
With the given objective of redesigning a board game from pieces to packaging, Mille Bornes' new lackluster appearance made a strong case for graphic intervention. This also provided an opportunity to capitalize conceptually on the game's important milestone with a sophisticated 60th Anniversary Limited Edition version. Inspired by Dujardin's celebrated aesthetic, I wanted to reintroduce the game with a modern twist on his nostalgic design; retaining the attributes that made the classic game so appealing and player-friendly. Furthermore, the experience was expanded with the addition of a new game board and player pieces which allows for new alternative methods of game play.