Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel is a distinguished French-influence delicatessen located in downtown San Francisco, focused on providing customers with natural, fresh-prepared meals, using seasonal and mostly organic ingredients. Serving both individuals looking for a gourmet breakfast or lunch and to corporations in need of catering services, Fleur de Sel has it all; delicious sandwiches, risottos, beef tri-tips, vegetarian meals, homemade desserts and more. In addition, Fleur de Sel also supports local farmers, sustainable agriculture and the environment by using compostable containers, cutlery, plates, cups and napkins.
In this instance, I was tasked with developing a line of deli products, in-store displays, and other supporting materials to expand and strenghthen Fleur de Sel's brand identity. The key to an effective outcome meant incorporating a unique and cohesive packaging system for Fleur de Sel's delectable culinary delights that appeals to conscientious-minded San Francisco foodies on-the-run. Specializing in imported and locally-acquired fine foods with an emphasis on freshness and environmentally sound practices required packaging that reflected the quality of its contents. The result was a sleek yet sustainable array of products and collateral.