Conjur Water

Raised in the long tradition of Louisiana Creole practitioners of voodoo, Madame Zouzou, has been long revered throughout the French Quarter of New Orleans for her powerful potions and amulets, ritualistic blessing ceremonies and vast knowledge of arcane lore. Her original shop, Zouzou’s House of Voodoo, specializing in voodoo and occult paraphernalia, can still be found on bustling Bourbon Street, where tourists and practitioners alike can be found acquiring a variety of items such as talismans, charms, and spell kits or receiving readings via tarot card, palm or tea leaves. Madame Zouzou’s divination services have been widely praised for the clarity, insight and revelations they impart, establishing a reputation of authenticity around her mystical gift of sight.
Skillfully trained in the ancient art of potion brewing and apothecaria, Madame Zouzou’s highly effective potions have gained popularity and are in increasing demand among followers for their transformative properties. Tasked with creating a unique identity and packaging system around these powerful elixirs, I aimed to reach a larger cross-section of consumers to further share the amazing results achieved through her knowledge and intervention. The shape and materials used hearken an earlier time when tradition was dominated by esoteric practices and mystical doctrine, while the design itself incorporates common voodoo symbols, or vévés, to appeal to specific loa (spirits). Each bottle of contains uniquely blended water that has been blessed and comes with a small vial of potent enhancer to elicit desired effects.